contact info

Mailing Address in Kenya: 
Stephanie Cox
AIC Kijabe Hospital
PO Box 20
Kijabe, Kenya 00220
E-mail address:
Skype ID: stephanie.c.cox
Apple ID (for FaceTime & iMessage):
Care Packages and mail:
Many of you have asked if you can send me things on the field. The answer to that is YES! I would love, love, love to get mail. The easiest way to send things is through the USPS to the address listed above. Flat envelopes are easy to send and inexpensive, so add me to your Christmas card/birth announcement/just because mailing lists and tack on about $1.10 for postage (it’s best to check with the post office specifically for exact rates). If you can fit something you are sending in an envelope of any kind, it is much more likely to make it to me without me needing to pay a tax on it when I pick it up.
For care packages, the cheapest and easiest thing to do is to use a flat-rate shipping box. You can send just about anything except electronics, medicine and cash. Here are some helpful hints for sending them as well:
-To make sure it gets here in one piece wrap the box entirely in tape, not just at the seams.
Be sure to declare that the box’s worth is less than $10, even if the items are worth more. Please also remove all price tags (or black out the prices) on all items.  In reality even if the box didn’t make it here there is no system in Kenya  for reimbursement and the ability of getting your money back stateside has been said to be unsuccessful. The cheaper you declare the box, the more likely it won’t get stopped in customs, which is where it’s more likely to get searched and have items stolen. I will also be required to pay customs on anything sent, so very low prices mean it will be less expensive to pick up.
*Please don’t let this scare you away from sending things. I just want to help make sure that what you send makes it to me and there are certain things that help that happen.
Here are some things that would be really helpful to get:
– Ziploc freezer bags (all sizes)
– Chocolate Chips
– Bacon Bits
– Grated parmesan cheese
Here are some things that would be fun to get, but also feel free to use your imagination:
– Handwritten letters
– Christmas cards, birth announcements, wedding announcements – pretty much anything with a picture of you and your family!
– iTunes and Amazon gift cards (I can use both of these for books, music and movies…also, you can send them by e-mail!)
– Any extra airline miles you aren’t planning to use – you can gift these to me and I can use them for travel home when the time comes
– Loreal Double-Extend mascara in black
– Eos lip balm
– Picture frames
– Candles (my favorite is Santiago Huckleberry made by Voluspa, but I’m really not too picky)
– Pretty smelling hand soap – I’m a fan of the J.R. Watkins grapefruit soap that they have at Target
– Office supplies make me happier than just about anything. (I am especially fond of Pilot G2 pens with size 0.5 or 0.38 ink)
– Magazines you’re finished with (think Real Simple, Time, Newsweek, cooking magazines…I don’t read fashion or celebrity stuff)
– Peanut Butter M&Ms
Thank you to those of you who want to support me in this way!

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