meet jacob & helen

I am so grateful for our office staff in the clinic. They are the ones who take care of many behind-the-scenes tasks so that the ENT and I can see patients without having to think much about changing light bulbs or managing a full-to-the-brim waiting room.

Jacob is our clinic coordinator. He is responsible for managing the non-medical staff in the ENT and dental departments and is kind of a catch-all for administrative duties as well. In terms of keeping our clinic doors open, Jacob is my right hand man. He recently injured his back and was out on bed rest for about 6 weeks. There is nothing like a prolonged absence to remind you of how much you need someone. I so often take for granted that I can send him an e-mail asking for something to be done and it just happens. The last month and a half have had us counting down the days until his return. He is a vital part of our team and we certainly are glad that his back has healed and he has returned to work.


Our receptionist Helen joined the team in April. As a part of building the ENT practice, we moved from a system of scheduling patients in paper planners to an online scheduling system. In the U.S., we take for granted that this is an expected way to manage a clinic, but it is a new idea at Kijabe Hospital. Because we are the only department in the hospital to do this, it is important for our receptionistĀ to be flexible and willing to learn how to do things in a new way. Helen has made huge strides over the past several months. In fact, earlier this week I was out sick and I got a text from our ENT saying that we had the smoothest and most efficient clinic he has experienced since starting work – this is certainly thanks to Helen. We are so grateful to have her on our team and for her patience and perseverance as we have made a hard transition to a very new system. We will miss her next month as she gets married and takes a few weeks of leave.


I am so proud of our staff and the clinic we have built together over the past year and half. We ask a lot of them and they are always up to the challenge. As our patient load grows, we are looking to add a nurse to our staff. Would you pray for that process and transition to go smoothly? We are currently booking appointments into November and we would love to be able to see those patients faster. The addition of a nurse could allow that to happen.

We’ve got a couple of other people who work in the ENT clinic and as soon as I remember to get some pictures, I’ll be sure to introduce them as well. I hope you’re enjoying meeting the people I spend my days with here in Kijabe. This will hopefully be an ongoing series, but if you’d like to hear anything else about my life here, let me know and I’ll try and share that as well. Life here feels pretty normal to me now, so I have a hard time gauging what might be interesting for other people to hear about. Feel free to leave a comment if you’re curious about anything else and I’ll see what I can do.

2 thoughts on “meet jacob & helen

  1. Stephanie, thank you for the info regarding staff. It is wonderful that you recognize their contributions! BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May the SON shine on you brightly today and each day!!
    Love, Janice Shapiro

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