This handsome boy strolled into my clinic this week wearing a pretty sweet pinstriped suit. I first met Lawrence when I visited Kijabe almost 3 years ago. He was 7 years old and had a hearing loss from birth that may have been surgically correctable in a different place, but the risk to what was left of his hearing was too high to do the surgery in Kenya. We fit him with a hearing aid and the speech therapist gave his dad some ideas for how to help him start listening and learning language.IMG_0197

As far as I can tell, he hasn’t been back for a follow-up since, but it was clear that his family has made every effort to help him succeed. His hearing aid broke in December and he relies heavily on it, so his mom brought him back in for some help. I love getting to see how kids change once they can hear. Today, Lawrence is confident and silly. He answers questions for himself and can tell me what isn’t working. He is a clever boy and keeps up with his peers in school. At Christmas, a family in the U.S. donated enough to the Ears to Hear program at Kijabe Hospital to cover the cost of his hearing aid. What a privilege to partner with his family to provide him a new one this week. Lawrence is an great example for what children with hearing loss and limited outside intervention are able to accomplish with hard work and great family support. I am so proud to be on his team.

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